Sores in the Mouth

See a Dentist if Your Mouth Has Sores!

Sores in Mouth?

Do you have sores in the mouth that are disrupting sleep, eating or talking?  This is a condition called Stomatitis which is a term for inflamed sore mouth.  Sores can occur anywhere in the mouth such as gums, cheeks, tongue, lips and palate.  Let’s take a look at some common sores.

Canker sores are very common and known as an aphthous ulcer.  The ulcer is usually yellow and outlined in red.  There can be one or even a cluster in the mouth.  They usually occur mostly on cheeks, inside lips or on the tongue.  These sores are usually very sore and painful and can last five to ten days.  These sores usually tend to come back with any trauma to the mouth. There is no known reason why these sores occur.

Cold sores or fever blisters are another common form of a blister.  It is due to a virus called herpes simplex 1.  The sores are fluid filled that usually occur on or around the lips.  Cold sores are rarely found on the inside of mouth.  Cold sores usually develop a scab in the later stages, then go away.  There might be some tingling or burning before the actual sore appears.  These sores are usually very painful and last from seven to ten days.  Flu like symptoms are sometimes associated with cold sores.  They are very contagious, so be proactive in protecting yourself and others.  The virus lays dormant until reactivated, once a person is infected.  Conditions such as stress, hormonal changes, fever or exposure to sunlight can reactivate the virus.

Most mouth sores don’t last for more than fourteen days.  Some doctors will prescribe medication to help the healing process move along more quickly.  Any type of sores can be very painful and annoying so it’s important to talk to a dentist when any occur for advice. It’s important to rule out any serious disease.


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