Bizwire Helps Local Business with Internet Marketing 2.0 Strategies

Kirk Kimmerling DDS, a Marietta, GA dentist has announced a membership with Bizwire, a company designed to help local businesses understand the internet and teach proven online marketing strategies. Bizwire was introduced to Verde Pointe Dental Associates by Jim Ruether, a local business owner involved in scholarly research and feedback from actual businesses. The logic behind Bizwire was used by Dr. Ruether’s in his Doctoral Dissertation, as he researched the ins and outs of what works for small businesses on the internet, and offers this information in a format owners can use understand and prosper. “The internet has taken over our daily lives, and you either get on board or get left behind. Dr. Ruether has given us invaluable information, and I appreciate that,” says Dr. Kimmerling. Bizwire’s has researched internet marketing for 40 to 50 hours every week from the perspective of local businesses. From this research, he has determined what works in local internet marketing. Small business owners do not realize the amount of free marketing that can be done online and Bizwire has set up a simple system for just that.
Bizwire can be both simple and complex, as owners can promote themselves as much or as little as they want. They are trained on the processes of technology and taught to use tools to market their business. Bizwire is a proven entity, as its operating model was created using actual local businesses for the purpose of understanding time demands, and how it could be beneficially used in internet marketing. Bizwire, created a co-op, as a part of its program has that partners local businesses to together in an effort to support each other against national business chains keeping local dollars in the community.
Bizwire develops a digital business community and provides them with a marketing 2.0 strategy to get their message out. It is a syndication network platform that allows the spreading of information directly to a target audience. One of the goals is to create sharable information allowing satisfied customers to advocate on a business’ behalf. The Bizwire Lobby Page is a digital store front that allows both buyers and sellers the opportunity to create awareness, begin a dialogue, and share relevant information about who the business is and what they do. Bizwire creates a “Whyblog” as a means to freely exchange information about why a business exists. It also provides valuable and trusted information to internet buyers to help them in the decision-making process. This is very powerful for business owners.  Learning to promote yourself is an excellent investment for any business owner because it is so easy to do. It’s four simple  classes and an excellent support system that follows.

Bizwire is a good marketing choice for any business. “It’s been a great investment for us, as we have learned a lot and put the information to good use,” says Dr.Kimmerling, Marietta, GA cosmetic dentist.   They are no longer confined to the IT department or website administrator to get their message out to the public. It’s a do-it-yourself learning process that works to take control of your marketing message!


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