Protect Your Baby’s Teeth Says Marietta Dentist

Bottle feeding your baby can actually do your child harm if the mother is unaware of Baby Bottle Syndrome says cosmetic dentist in Marietta.  Formula fed babies are many times left sleeping with bottles in their mouth.  Although this comforts the baby and the mother is well-intentioned, it can wreak havoc in the baby’s mouth.  The liquid from the bottle can pool around the baby’s teeth, setting the child up for tooth decay that can advance quickly.  Bacteria in the mouth is fed by sugars coming from the bottle, and if the baby continually feeds, so does the bacteria.  As it feeds, it produces acids that become destructive to teeth.  The acids dissolve the enamel causing tooth decay.  If the bacteria is in constant overdrive, devastation occurs rapidly.

Children under two years of age are those in jeopardy for Baby Bottle Syndrome.  Napping and sleeping with a bottle allows formula to continually douse the baby’s teeth.  Formula, juice and milk alike can be destructive.  Each contain sugar that feed bacteria and sometimes, by the time decay is noticed, it can be well advanced.  Since many babies like a bottle as they sleep, parents give in to alleviate crying.   What parents may not know, is Baby Bottle Syndrome is not the only concern.  Constant sucking can also cause the teeth and jaws to misaligned as they grow, leading to other future challenges.   Extracting baby teeth early due to decay can trigger unwanted secondary teeth alignment.  Parents should be aware that pacifiers and the sucking of the thumb and/or fingers can also cause misalignment and growth problems.

In today’s media environment, Baby Bottle Syndrome should be a problem of the past.  It is preventable and parents need to protect their child.  The following suggestions may help remedy a situation where a baby is already using a bottle to sleep. However, if your baby does not sleep with a bottle, do not begin the practice.  Feed your child before bed and take the bottle away.  If you are already allowing your child to sleep with a bottle, perhaps diluting the bottle with water little by little can help wean. Your pediatrician may also offer techniques to take the bottle away.

If you have already noticed brown spots on your baby’s teeth, then it is time to take your child to the dentist. If your child suffers from decay, then perhaps your dentist will fill your child’s teeth or in an extreme case, he will extract teeth. Heavy decay may involve the nerve portion of your baby’s tooth causing your baby pain.  If it is necessary for teeth to be removed, other concerns may arise such as speech difficulties and self-esteem problems.

Parents are the number one advocate for a child and should arm themselves with information .  It is simple. If you have a child that is bottle feeding, do not jeopardize the health of their teeth by allowing them to sleep with a bottle.  A baby’s primary teeth are important for many reasons and need to be kept healthy says Marietta, GA dentist.

About Verde Pointe Dental Associates:  Owned and operated by Dr. Kirk Kimmerling, a dentist in Marietta and Kennesaw. He is committed to every patient’s dental health.  Dr. Kirk Kimmerling won the prestigious Oral and Pathology Award demonstrating his passion for dental care.  With an award-winning dentist, Dr Kimmerling is committed to maintaining quality dental care for patients of all ages.  Offering a wide array of dental treatments and procedures, Verde Pointe Dental Associates offer bonding, sealants, implants, teeth whitening and veneers in Kennesaw and Marietta making them the best choice for dental care.

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